Our testing labs

1. you can give your opinion!

In order to make you an offer that is tailored to your interests, you will become an expert for us: We want to listen and understand what is important to you. Your opinion counts and influences how we develop our web formats!

2. you help us to make your public service broadcasting even better!

Public service broadcasting is there for everyone. To ensure that our services are used by everyone, we want to offer high-quality content that reflects the many interests and habits of our diverse user community. Get involved in the digital further development of your public service broadcasting!

3 You will be the first to get to know new digital products!

Product tests open a completely new access to the offers of the Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk: You will be shown exclusively what concerns us and what we are working on. Test web formats that are not yet on the market and be the first to hear about new ideas!

4. you have a direct influence on our product development!

Your results don’t get dusty in our drawers. We take your comments seriously and transfer them into product development. Design your ideal digital offer together with us!

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5. it is fun!

Really! We want you to feel comfortable with us and enjoy trying something new. That is why we make every effort to create a pleasant atmosphere and to take care of your physical well-being. In addition, there is always a little surprise waiting for you. Convince yourself!

Who can try out new web content? – All of them!

All Internet users from Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia are invited to contribute to our website – whether you regularly watch television or listen to the radio does not matter. Simply register here and we will contact you as soon as a new digital product is tested.