Which Supplements Are The Most Effective

After the hard work in the gym, athletes from all over the world entrust their recovery to sports supplementation. Athletes can improve their performance and recovery by almost 100% thanks to new technologies and the great availability of performance-enhancing supplements, without going through the negative effects of steroids and anabolics.

But each athlete has different needs and each supplement can help personally to be reached his goal, it is also possible that the choice of supplements is not the right one or that the established goals are not clear enough wasting their time and money.


L-arginine is an amino acid known as the precursor of nitric oxide. As a result, it maintains a positive effect on smooth muscle relaxation, which contributes to a reduction in blood pressure. It improves the effectiveness of physical activity and increases the body’s endurance, which is important in case of heavy training. In addition, it is believed that high levels of L-arginine affects the synthesis of growth hormone stimulation, thus indirectly helps build valuable muscle tissue.

Arginine are found primarily as a component in combined supplements for athletes.


For many athletes, creatine is first on the list of the most important supplements. And rightly so, since it serves to increase strength, muscle mass. As a result, this translates into the ability to carry out heavier and more intense workouts and improve athletic performance. The main functions of creatine are:

It maintains adequate levels of ATP, which is of particular importance in the period between training sessions, stimulation of protein synthesis, so it is possible to increase lean muscle mass.
It increases the hydration of muscle cells, which can stimulate anabolism, increasing the secretion of the hormone IGF-1, which is also conducive to the expansion of muscle mass.


BCAAs play an important role in the diet of athletes who want to build a rocky physique. Their goal is to reduce muscle catabolism by providing protection against loss of lean mass. In addition, its influence on the secretion of anabolic hormones (insulin and growth hormone), so that they aggravate the muscle building mass.

Among the branched-chain amino acids leucine is of particular importance. Its great advantage is the impact on mTOR, an enzyme responsible for initiating protein synthesis. It is not able to function if it does not receive a signal for its action. And it is this signal that demands leucine, but only if its concentration is high enough.

Vitamins and Minerals

As vitamins and minerals are available in the diet, most athletes disregard taking vitamin supplements. Due to intense training there is an increased need for vitamins and minerals. And when the body maintains a shortage of these nutrients, it is unable to function properly, which has a negative effect also on the effects of training.

Vitamins and minerals support muscle recovery. A special role is played by vitamin C, which maintains a great antioxidant source, accelerating the decomposition of pollutants accumulated in the body after intense muscle wasting.

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