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How To Work Out And Have Fun With CrossFit


Like everything in life, when something comes along and it’s different many of us look to get it, whether it’s a garment, a pair of tennis shoes, a watch, fashionable dancing and even the latest in exercise.

The newest thing, at least in the last three years, is the CrossFit, a new way of doing sport that attracted the attention of many for being a training program with high intensity and short duration, and perhaps most importantly, not boring.

I’ve met a lot of people who want to start a new lifestyle that involves exercise and I’ve found that they only come two or three months and say goodbye, about all those who have a hard time adapting to the gyms, because they say “I’m bored being one or two hours doing exercise alone, the instructors don’t listen to you, they give you your routine and leave you there”.

However, for this type of people the CrossFit has arrived. “Forget the routine”, is the motto of this new tendency to do sport that has fascinated them, those who are bored to be locked up in a gym without being taken into account.

Here, explained one of the CrossFit instructors, “each workout is different than the previous one so you’ll never get bored when training. Also, you won’t allow your body to get used to the training, so every time you train it will be a new challenge for you.

Let me share that I have been able to prove that it is indeed a very different and fun way of exercising. You will work the whole body as a whole, taking advantage of all its possibilities. This training does not isolate the muscular work as it happens when we exercise our body with conventional machines of gyms. The movements that you will practice in CrossFit are those that you use in your daily life as simple as climbing stairs, moving a piece of furniture from one place to another, lifting an object from the floor, jumping, running…that’s why their results are so effective.

The surprising thing is that there are people of all ages, people of 14 and 15 years up to people of 50 years doing the same exercises. There is no inability for anyone to perform them, even if they are people with injuries, this sport and exercises helps them overcome any type of it.

The training lasts approximately 60 minutes and consists of a warm-up, a training day that changes daily and a stage of “return to calm” with less intense exercises.

It is incredible how, at least in Querétaro, the trend of these exercises is growing and there are many who have chosen to arrive, because as I said lines back, there are those who are bored being in the gyms and feel abandoned. In CrossFit they are behind you, motivating and helping you to beat yourself, surpassing in each class what you did the day before.

It is also important to remember that if you have already heard it, investigate well which are the places with certification, because there are those that don’t have it and can cause serious problems. The tendency is to have fun doing exercise and to give it continuity and not to vote for it and if for some it works to do exercise alone or in couple or in group, everything is valid as long as it motivates day by day to remain firm with the intention of leading a better lifestyle so there is the intention to share the new tendency to do exercise in an amusing way.

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